the story

At a very early age Todd Mankin could be found belting out his parents favorites like Waylon Jennings, Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Buddy Holly, Willie Nelson, and Anne Murray. Todd understood the power of music at an early age. Many categorize Mankin as one of those artists that are simply natural born performers, but it is not wise to limit him by category.  

Todd Mankin was born in Lubbock, Texas and always had a love and deep passion for music, but never really saw himself writing, playing an instrument, or performing live in front of an audience. One day in late 2001, Mankin decided to pull out an old guitar that he had traded some car parts for. He learned a few chords from a Mel Bay book that a friend had loaned him and within about three months was playing at local open mic jams. After spending a little over a year in Houston, he packed up and headed back to Fort Worth, where he was a regular at all of the live Texas Music venues. Mankin befriended the Mike Mancy Band and before he knew it was on the road acting as a road manager and selling merchandise. This gave Mankin the opportunity to be in front of the "who's who" in the Texas/Red Dirt scene and he found himself lost in the music, the life, and the ways of the road.  

In 2009, both fans and industry took notice of the Todd Mankin Band when they released the debut album "June Time," produced by the Todd Mankin Band and executive producer Taylor Tatsch. The album featured greats like Milo Deering on dobro, fiddle, pedal steel. Country music superstar Maren Morris laid all of the background vocals. This was just the beginning, as the debut cemented Mankin's following with the single "The Sail".  "The Sail" spun to the number 11 spot on Texas/Red Dirt Radio charts.  

You can't help but be moved by the lyrics and melodic riffs. Mankin's soulful vocals can draw a crowd to an open mouth level of memorization and have them hanging on the edge wondering what's next. Todd Mankin Band has performed at top festivals and venues across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma sharing bills with renowned acts like Eli Young Band, Charlie Robison, Aaron Watson, Cooder Graw, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, The Bellamy Brothers, Reckless Kelly and others.  

In March of 2023, after more than a decade hiatus, Mankin and crew released a new album called “Broken”. With this new full length album in their arsenal the Todd Mankin Band are poised for what is on the horizon.  

The music is undeniably inside of Todd Mankin, but he's the type of artist that doesn't have to point it out to you, his belief in the music is strong enough that it just powers through transparently and his passion, burning sincerity, and love of the music is evident when it overtakes you as a listener.  

Radio Single: "The Sail" was a mainstay in the top 20 on the Texas / Red Dirt Music Radio charts in 2009.   

Radio Single: "Oklahoma" featuring Charla Corn hit #29 on the Texas / Red Dirt Music Radio charts in 2011. 

The Todd Mankin Band has also been featured on 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, TX, where they appeared on two of the station's artist spotlight shows and Chuck Taylor's Ranch Roadhouse live show from Billy Bob's TX.

Also, the band was spotlighted on the TMTR Internet radio stations Texas Music Show, which is syndicated on AM/FM stations across the United States.